Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday today.

We wish you a very safe and wonderful holiday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Proposed New Teen Safety Program Offered to Parents

The Society of Family Insurance Specialist is working on a project that may make a difference in reducing the dangerous driving that causes most teen driver accidents and fatalities.

Immaturity is attributed to many of the mistakes teens make. Talking on cell phones, distractions in the car, peer pressure to push the limits, and just plain being careless most often leads to accidents.

The project we are proposing and have support to fund sounds like it can help, but we need to know what parents like you think of the program and whether you would consider it worthwhile to participate.

Here's how it will work...

You would get a bumper sticker (11 X 3.5) that is similar to the bumper sticker you often see on commercial vehicles (How's my driving?) and place it on your teen driver's car. There will be a toll-free number and a unique code printed on the sticker.

If your teen drives dangerously, and if someone calls the toll-free number to report, you will be notified of the incident. The person reporting the incident will have to describe the vehicle, time and place, and the code on the bumper sticker. This information will be handled by a third party and will only be disclosed to you by e-mail. The insurance company will never have access to this information.

Most likely, the reports will be minimal but the real benefit is that if your teen driver knows that there is a chance of being reported, the likelihood of making a mistake should be drastically reduced.

So, would you mind taking just a minute to answer 7 questions and let our organization know what you think?

Click Here to Take Our Survey

This survey is completely anonymous. So, please feel free to share your honest thoughts on this program.

Thanks for your time!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buckle up!.... But why?

Buckle Up! But Why?

A seatbelt ticket will cost you $101 in the state of Washington. For such a high cost of a ticket, it would be safe to assume the issue has some importance!

Well, absolutely! The purpose of a seatbelt is to hold the passenger in place, holding them close to the vehicle to make them almost "one" to prevent being thrown forward in the event of a collision. The other option is not wearing a seatbelt. If the person is not wearing their seatbelt, the law of inertia proves that they will be thrown forward-- possible into the windshield or dashboard, (ouch.)

The flexible materials that make up seatbelts are meant to provide give-- more than the dashboard or windshield. And even though the seatbelt allows some give to conform to your body comfortably, the machinery involved tightens the belt to hold the passenger in place when the car decelerates quickly.

Did you also know, that having your seatbelt improperly installed is an even bigger ticket?? Vehicles require both shoulder and lap belts!

Please instill the importance of safety belts with your teens and read "Phil's Story" (our very fist blog post!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How much will my policy increase?

Something I'm sure many parents of budding drivers want to know is how much their policy is going to increase once they get their license.

I'll have to admit to you, it's not pretty. But with 50% of auto claims going out on young drivers alone, it's hard not to see why rates can be so high.

FYI, Females will cost less than males, because males tend to have more and bigger payouts when it comes to claims.

I've done a few "tests" if you will...statistics say that your policy can increase about 50%-100% by adding a young driver. On a policy costing about $2500 with 3 existing drivers, I added yet another driver. A 16 year old female, date of birth 1/1/92, licensed 12/1/08. The rate went up to only $3067. Not even close to the estimated 50%-100%!

Have I confused you enough? I hope not...I've now changed the information to a male. the rate is the same.

Now what if they got into an accident the day after they received their license (we've heard this story!) -- the rate shoots up to $3500. Male or female.

Now, you have to keep in mind rates are based on a lot more than just the driver and their driving record. It's also based on where you live, how far you drive the vehicle, what vehicle you drive, how many vehicles you own, and an "insurance bureau score" which is partially based on credit.

Many times the rates can be different depending on how much was paid out on the accident. A little fender bender to an old Chevy will cost you less than a fatality in a Mercedes Benz.