Friday, May 19, 2017

What to Do When You Get Into a Crash

You're driving your car and suddenly you get in an accident. Thankfully, no one seems to be seriously injured, but the cars involved have suffered damage. What are you supposed to do?

Clear the roadway

If the cars aren't damaged too badly and can be moved, then the first course of action is to move all vehicles involved in the accident out of the way of traffic and turn on hazard lights.

Call Police

As soon as possible call the police, even if it is a minor accident. If anyone is injured, request medical assistance at that time. If there is a fire, request fire department aid. If one or both of the vehicles are on fire, DO NOT approach the vehicles and attempt to retrieve anything you left in the car. If the fire gets to the gas tank, it could cause an explosion and even more injuries.

Exchange Information

Make sure you get all the other drivers' license and car insurance information. Don't forget to write down license plate numbers of all vehicles involved in the crash. If it is safe to do, take pictures of the accident scene and the damaged vehicles.

Report Your Claim

Make sure to report your claim as soon as you can using the method of your choice, as many insurance companies now offer multiple options, such as: phone, online, or even an app that allows you to file on the spot and add photos. In the case of minor damage, you may even be issued a check without an estimate!

Contact Information

You can access contact information for your insurance provider, as well as a host of other claims resources online. If you need help, or would like to review your coverage, call SAV-ON Insurance today at 888-867-2866 or request information online by visiting